How I Lost A ₦70m Contract For Refusing To Sleep With A Client — Businesswoman Shares Experience [VIDEO]

How I Lost A ₦70m Contract For Refusing To Sleep With A Client —Businesswoman Shares Experience

A Nigerian businesswoman has shared her bitter experience of how she lost a whopping 70 million naira contract because she refused to sleep with a client.

The woman who is an interior decorator revealed that discussions and negotiations were far advanced and invoiced presented so it was time to pick up the check to do the work but the man herein the client who she regarded as her father figure to the point that she even called her ‘daddy’ asked her to pick up her cheque in a hotel.

According to her, she was thrown into a state of shock when the man sent him the hotel address where he wanted her to go and meet him and when she did not want to compromise on her stand, the client revealed plans to let her lose the contract.

In a video where she narrated her story, the businesswoman urged her fellow ladies not to compromise on their stand no matter what it is and be who they are.

Watch the video below as she narrates her experience.

He did that with confidence because 99.9% of his past clients have busted it open effortlessly.

Men will always be men.shout out to all the men out there who help women without wanting anything in return

You didn’t loose anything my dear. God’s plan is ever sure. Wait for it.

I’m actually not shocked at the number of people saying that she is lying cause morality and integrity is slowly but surely disappearing from our society. People now justify any and everything, so long as it fetches them money. Newsflash! Some of us still respect ourselves and believe that money is everything! It certainly is not an incentive to compromise our standards and self worth!

Normal thing. E no dey pain me again. Don’t worry the one that belongs to you would come

That wasn’t a contract, neither should she take it as a loss. She simply turned down an offer of prostitution. She will hit a bigger contract that will be anchored on nothing but business. She did well.

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