"Something that can’t be done in his country" - Nigerians React As White Man Stops To Urinate By Roadside (VIDEO)

Nigerians React As White man Diploma Stops To Urinate By Roadside

A video that captured a white man urinating by the road side in Nigeria has drawn outrage on social media.

In the video sighted by Ghgossip, the African driver who guarded the white man parked by the highway of the busy road. The white man who seemed unbothered by the scene or the fear of authorities pouncing on him started urinating while other cars passed by.

The video which has already gone viral and set social media abuzz has evoked the wrath of many netizens who noted that the white man is doing what he wouldn’t have the confidence to do in his home country.

Many others also blamed Nigerians for the white man’s actions, saying they themselves have been doing the same and the white man now feels there is nothing wrong if he does same.

Watch the video below;

Reacting to the video, Nigerians who never miss an opportunity to contribute to debatable matters like seized the chance to share their thoughts. Ghgossip complied some reactions below;

@ceexar____ for instance said: “He has seen some people doing the same and that is y”

@ultrajade wrote; “He’s following Nigerians lead ..shuu. You men do it all the time”

@_fadakemisola wrote; “Make him bladder burst because say him be white? If na black now, una no go talk anything”

@ginna_agoro wrote; “But this is wrong you can’t do this in their country”

@queen_olababe wrote; “They should look for this man and jail him… What arrant nonesense… Something that can’t be done in his country”

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