ANU Master of Philosophy Scholarships in Australia 2021

The Australian National University is taking applications for the ANU Master of Philosophy Scholarships available for international students in the 2021/22 academic year.

ANU Master of Philosophy Scholarships is financed by individual academic Colleges. It is anticipated that beneficiaries will enrol on a full-time basis. However, in line with strict conditions, the scholarship can be granted for part-time study. International scholars are required to undergo study on a full-time basis.

About ANU

The Australian National University (ANU) is not like any other tertiary institution in Australia. Established in 1946, in a spirit of post-war buoyancy, their role was to help attain Australia’s capacity as the world recovered from an international crisis.

That dream, to support the growth of national unity and identity, advance their understanding of themselves and their neighbours, and provide their nation with research capability amongst the best in the world, and education in fields vital for their future, has been their mission since then.

It can be tough work, but it is work they proudly do – because linking gifted people with diverse perspectives, preparing and encouraging them to address the most multifaceted of tomorrow’s issues, and making sure Australia’s future is not just their approach – it’s also their national role and global responsibility as Australia’s national university, and it is a responsibility from which they will never waver.

Worth of ANU Master of Philosophy Scholarships

  • Travel & removal stipend for scholars moving to Canberra to start their Master of Philosophy program;

  • Dependent Child Allowance (Foreign students only)

  • Thesis Allowance

Eligibility for ANU Master of Philosophy Scholarships

The ANU Master of Philosophy Scholarships is obtainable to prospective and current students who:

  • are domestic or international students; and

  • have put in for admission to a Master of Philosophy Research program at the university; and

  • possess a Bachelor degree qualification with first-class Honours (some Colleges may give consideration to candidates with upper second-class Honours), or a Master’s degree with a research component from a renowned University.

This Scholarship award is granted on the condition that the scholar is granted admission to and continues to enroll in a full-time program of study for the degree of Master of Philosophy at the Australian National University in the course for which the scholarship award is granted.

This Scholarship award is granted on the condition that, during the period of the Scholarship award, the recipient is not in possession of another equivalent or major living stipend award/scholarship or salary to undergo the proposed program, offering a benefit more than 75% of the stipend of the granted scholarship.

How to Apply for ANU Master of Philosophy Scholarships

  • No application is required as all qualified candidates will be given consideration.

  • It is very much encouraged to establish contact with the appropriate Graduate Studies Convener or a potential supervisor, before lodging an application for admission, to talk about the proposed research topic and related matters.

The Scholarship terminates:

  1. If the scholar stops being a full-time student and approval has not been gotten from the University to possess the scholarship award on a part-time basis; or

    • On conclusion and submission of the thesis for evaluation; or

    • On the expiration date of the Scholarship award; or

    • On the date on which the candidate stops to attend the University other than for approved absences; or

    • if the candidate does not fulfill his/her obligations;

    • if, in the judgment of the University, the candidate is not making acceptable progress in his/her approved program.

whichever is the earliest.

Application Deadline

In order to be given consideration for the ANU Master of Philosophy Scholarships in the main round of scholarship offers, foreign students are expected to submit application for admission by August 31, 2021. Colleges may consider granting these scholarship awards at any time of the year.

Visit here for more details and to apply

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