Man Slips Into Depression After Discovering That The Fiancée He Is Training In The UK, Is Pregnant For Another Man


A Nigerian man has allegedly slipped into depression after he found at that his fiancée who is pursuing an undergraduate programme in the UK sponsored by him is pregnant for another man.

According to a Twitter user identified as @Lionezz_, who shared the story, the lady has been living with the other man together in the same apartment he rented for her and they have done their traditional introductions.

He said that his friend used to visit his fiancée in the UK before the COVID-19 pandemic but due to the restrictions he has not been able to make the trip to visit her.

Read some reactions from social media users below;

@realucheebere wrote;

I keep on telling men, stop taking care of a woman you haven’t married yet, your caring for her should have a limit, don’t overdo things, if she decide to leave cos you are not giving her all your life, allow her run along, she’s not meant for you, you will still get someone meant for you, there are many fishes in the ocean, applicable to women too. You guys should stop overdoing things, there’s a limit to everything, why sponsoring someone you haven’t married yet, it’s stupidity


@seundreams wrote;

Whatever you do for a girl shld be out of charity and not in expectation for love or loyalty, those creatures acts on emotions and will forget ur greatest act of kindness 

@hisroyaldopenez wrote;

One of the biggest mistakes you’ll make as a man is to train a woman in school for the purpose of marriage. It’ll end in tears. If you want to train a woman,train her on humanitarian grounds. Train her because you want to help,not because you want her to end up as your wife. You’ll break your own heart.

@can_yes_ wrote;

I no know why women dey come hear dey act surprised…the amount of women that will not do exactly the same thing or worse are very few😂

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