Villagers erect massive pen!s statue to bring forth rain [Photos]

Villagers in Thailand’s Chachoengsao province, Yothaka, have erected a massive penis status to call forth rain and end the dry season.

Farmers in the community had been worried because it hadn’t been raining and water from the irrigation canals were too salty and was damaging their crops.

To end the period of drought, they erected a giant penis status, otherwise known as “Palad Khik”, on June 9.

The local village headman, Chamnan Kenthongdaeng, 52, revealed that two days after the giant penis was installed, rain showered for about half an hour on June 11.

Koson Samang, the headman of a nearby village, recorded a video of the rain as proof.

However, farmers complained that the rain didn’t fall long enough to irrigate their farms. So, Chaman promised that they will continue offering prayers to the statue.

Speaking in an interview with Pattaya News, Chaman revealed that the penis statue represents fertility and new growth. Adding that it has been a tradition for decades, dating to the time of his grandparents.

He said the giant penis, erected in the middle of the road, wouldn’t cause any traffic problems because it was built on a cul-de-sac.

“It will be removed as soon as the seasonal rain comes,” he promised.

Meanwhile, local residents have been encouraged to pray to the gigantic penis and leave small offerings.

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