Cubana Chief Priest Cries Out As His Village People Demand 46 Goats After Giving Obi Cubana 46 Cows


Celebrity barman Cubana Chief Priest has cried out as his village people demand 46 goats from him after gifting Obi Cubana 46 cows to bury his mother over the weekend.

Cubana Chief Priest trying to honor his former boss Obi Cubana at his mother’s burial last weekend gifted him 46 cows to bury his mother and now is crying out after his village people demanded 46 goats from him.

In a post, Cubana Chief Priest made on Instagram, his village people are asking him to bring back 46 goats from Oba in exchange for the 46 cows he gave to Obi Cubana or else he shouldn’t enter the village again if he doesn’t bring the 46 goats from Oba.

Adding that they said the goats belong to them therefore he shouldn’t play with their traditions and bring the goats for traditions if not he would be banned from entering the village ever.

Pretty Mike Of Lagos and some others reacting to that advised Cubana Chief Priest to honor his people and send the goats demanded of him because it’s tradition and moreover if he has been able to afford 46 cows, he can afford 46 goats.

My Village People Dey Para For Me, Dem Say If I No Bring 46 Goats Come Back From Oba Make I No Enter Village Again, Dem Say The Goats Belong To Them, Say Make I No Use Their Tradition Play

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