"I don't have any music award, that's bad" - BlackFace Speak on, 2face Steal 'African Queen' song without any Credit [Video]


Singer BlackFace has reaffirmed claims of writing ‘African Queen’ for the legendary 2Face Idibia but wasn’t credited and the media made him look bad when he complained about it

Recall this issue of giving him credit over a song he did that generated space between BlackFace and 2Face Idibia a long time ago, he has explained himself in a recent interview saying the media twisted his words making him look bad.

According to BlackFace, he only aired his views of not being credited on the African Queen song that became a hit even though he took part in it and the media twisted it saying he accused 2Face Idibia of stealing the song from him.

BlackFace disclosed that the management team of 2Face Idibia told him they will rectify the mistake and give him the credit for being a part of the famous Africa Queen song but didn’t do so and that led to him releasing his own version of the song.

Adding that he released the song to prove a point to those telling him to write a new song if indeed he wrote African Queen for 2Face Idibia since 2Face has been the most loved among the 3 of them when it comes to the media.

From what BlackFace said, there’s nothing wrong with him asking to be credited for a project he took part but the media twisted it saying he accused 2Face Idibia of stealing the song which isn’t true, and even though they are now friends, they aren’t close as they used to do back in the days.

video below;

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