"Not funny in a movie, Not funy on stage even Online" - Nigerians Drag AY Comedian Over A Dry Joke He Made On Online


Netizens have dragged comic actor AY Comedian over a joke he made on Twitter asking whether power bank is part of the banks in Nigeria trying to ease the tension in the country.

AY Comedian tweeted trying to create a joke on Twitter asking whether the power bank is part of the banks in Nigeria saying he needs an urgent answer because he’s helping his daughter out with her home which probably asks about banks in Nigeria.

But some netizens didn’t find his joke funny as he wanted it to be hence dragged him asking him whether he thought he has done something funny with what he wrote while some even ask him to go back to Facebook because Twitter isn’t for him.

Another was so savage with his reply saying AY Comedian is not funny in movies, he’s not funny on stage, and he can’t even be funny on Twitter making it look like he has been overrated because of none of his jokes are funny.

It seems these people have forgotten that AY Comedian is one of the most successful comedians in Nigeria and Africa at large hence whether they find his recent joke funny or not, some others do and he has a lot of things that bring money to his table.

AY Comedian is also very good when it comes to grooming and giving the young ones the chance to exhibit their talents hence if his jokes aren’t funny as they say, at least he is doing something to help himself and as an entrepreneur, he earns a lot with all that among other things.

Screenshot below;

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