My girlfriend says the 34k monthly stipend I give her is too small” – Man who earns N189k monthly cries out, seeks advice on what to do


A distraught man is contemplating whether to continue with a relationship with his ingrate girlfriend who does not seem to appreciate the monthly stipend he gives her.

According to him, he gives his girlfriend a monthly stipend of GH¢500 out of the GH¢2800 income he earns as a worker at a bank. However, his girlfriend has told him that the money was too small for him so she demands an increase.

Meanwhile, the man also gives her the money every month and has never failed to send her the stipend. He shared his story on Jodel where he asked for advice to help him decide on whether to continue with the relationship or not.

GH¢500 out of GH¢2800 represents almost 18 per cent of the man’s salary which he gives to this lady who is not even his fiancee on monthly basis. Just like Oliver Twist, the lady is asking for more. Out of the same money, the man takes care of his shelter, clothes and food.

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