Nigerian Lady Calls Reno Omokri Out for Making Advances to Her After Refusing To Be Someone’s Sugar Daddy

One barista Natasha Akpoti has called out Reno Omokri after he refused to be a sugar daddy to a lady who DMed him saying he made some advances to her in the past.

Reno Omokri replying to a DM of a lady asking him to be her sugar daddy rejected her asking whether she has seen his wife eulogizing his wife saying she’s far more beautiful than her and he wants his peace rejecting her publicly.

 This Natasha lady replying to that called out Reno Omokri for being a hypocrite as he made some advances towards her back in 2014 but she rejected him by giving him a fake name and fake number asking whether he wasn’t married back then.

She then lectured Reno Omokri saying as a public figure he needs to learn to have some sense of humor and oftentimes know when a fan is passing a joke suggesting that the lady’s advances towards him were just for fun and nothing serious.

The lady went ahead to claim that Reno Omokri has a baby mama asking what is the name of her baby mama again something that he has rejected having a few months ago but this lady is still claiming that he indeed has a baby mama.

The fact that she claimed Reno Omokri made some advances towards her are something most people don’t want to believe because we all know him to be a very respectable man but then he’s human and everything can happen since it happened at a part too.

screenshot below;

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