Simi Reveals How She Held Her Daughter Deja Tightly Thinking It Was Rapture When IG Went Down


Songstress Simi has revealed how she held her daughter Deja thinking it was rapture when Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp went down for hours.

Simi sharing how the social media blackout made her feel said she thought it was a cyber attack worldwide and it was about to go down like they usually show in movies but fortunately for her it was none of what she was thinking.

Then her mother suggested that it might be a rapture and then she decided to hold her daughter Deja so tight because she’s not leaving without her making it look like she could have gone with her daughter Deja if indeed it was rapture that was about to occur.

A lot of ideas and reasons came into the mind of others when social media went down a few hours before everyone got to know it was a technical problem but the idea of rapture and Simi holding her daughter tight to prevent her from leaving without her is just funny.

The sudden shutdown of social media got some social media freaks worried as they couldn’t do anything without social media but so far Simi’s feeling and the idea of holding her daughter tight because of the rapture is the funniest and absurd among it all.

Screenshot below;

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