Video of Tiwa Savage with married man Surafce Online

Tiwa Savage, with a married man Surface to the internet space days after the singer cried out for help.

This is coming days after Tiwa Savage broke the news during an interview with New York’s Power 105.1 FM, of a blackmailer seeking a sum of money with threats of leaking her bedroom videos with an alleged yahoo boy named Abolo.

According to reports, Tiwa Savage and her crew were flown to Ghana by Abolo under the guise of celebrating her album’s holiday party around the period of the passing of Davido’s crew member, Obama DMW.

Abolo who is said to be a father of two had the singer to himself behind the curtains and made the tape while in action with the mother of one.


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  1. How can tiwa savage allow such a thing which sane person records video of themselves having sex and didn't show his own face but only tiwa's face in the video if not to deliberately blackmail her and tarnish her reputation

  2. But wait oooo !!!! What's all this hullabaloo about a normal lady who is having a consensual sex??? Was she raped?

  3. I only heard moaning,where's the total videos of the gbekus?I hope this is not a publicity stunt by tiwa?cos these so called Nigerian stars go to any length for publicity stunt,where is the evidence of sexual coinonia(vintage pastor Chris)