Best Computer Science Project Ideas and Topics

Computer Science skills are greatly sought after in almost every industry. However, getting these skills will open up different job opportunities for you but, you cannot get these skills without executing projects in computer science. Hence, you need to learn about the best computer science project topics that will improve your skillset.

The study of computer science consist of programming, design, analysis, and theory. These areas need modern skills including coding, data processing, computation, network information security, web architecture, algorithm design, storage systems & management, and mobile development.

Please note that you cannot get the previous skills as a computer science student if you do not work on several project topics.

List of Computer Science Project Ideas and Topics

Here are the best computer science project ideas and topics that can help students who are beginners in the field to get modern skills needed for the workforce:

  • Evaluation of Academic Performance

An evaluation system that assesses student’s academic performance is created in this project by using the soft logic method. By using the soft logic method, students will take into account three criteria including name, attendance, internal marks, and external marks. These four parameters are used to examine the final academic performance of students. The soft logic method gives a more precise result that traditional methods.

  • Crime Rate Prediction Using K-Means

Crime rate is on the increase all over the globe. As a result, there is need for government and institutions to provide protection against the high rate of crime. Here is how the system works: the user will input the crime data into the K-means system. The K-means system will then examine the data in the database and gain its data and patterns. The system will then gather the crime groups based on the patterns contained in the data.

  • Secure Online Auction System

Online auction provides a platform for buyers and sellers to come together, sell, and buy products through price bidding. There is always a starting price and ending time for the bids in this method.

  • Symbol Recognition Using MATLAB

In this project, students will build a system that will identify any symbol that users insert into it by applying algorithms. Here is how the system works: when the user inserts an image into the system, it will use the RGB feature to change the objects into grayscale images. Then the system will change the grayscale images into black and white images. The symbol recognition system uses optical character recognition to identify the images and the result is said to be 60-80% accurate.

  • Cursor Movement on Object Motion

In this project, there is the development of a cursor that has the ability to move through the computer desktop and execute instructions based on hand gestures.

  • Search Engine Using Web Annotation

This is an interesting computer science project topics. In this project, the search engine will be created using web annotation. In this project, students will use web explanation on pages and images. So as soon as the user enters a keyword, the search engine will fetch the information and the images that contain the same explanation and display different results which contains the content that matches the keyword.

  • e-Authentication System Using QR Code & OTP

This project will explain the design of an e-Authentication system using QR code and OTP so as to enhance financial security.

  • Public News Droid

This computer science project topic idea is focused on the development of a public news droid (a software that gives users information on trending news and events).

  • OpenCV C++ Program for Face Detection

This project topic involves creating face detection software with the help of the OpenCV library. The OpenCV program uses programmed XML classifiers to detect faces in real-time and track those faces.

  • Mobile Wallet with Merchant Payment Using Android

In this project, a QR code will be developed to improve cash transactions between buyers and sellers.

  • Andriod Battery Saver System

This computer science project topic deals with the design of an Android battery saver. The system will also help to examine the Android battery usage data from built-in classes and develop a combined list of apps that will drain the power of the Android phone.

  • Online eBook Maker

The online eBook maker helps students to create eBooks free of charge. It consist of two modules including admin login and author (user) login.

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