Wife Of 21 year old Man Who Committed Suicide By Jumping Into A Lagoon Finally Speaks om hid Death [Video]


The wife of Abdulrahman Odunare Olamilekan, the alleged national diploma certificate holder who jumped into the lagoon to take his own life has come out to speak following the demise of her husband.

The wife in the person of Amusa Rafiat has given an insight into what led her husband to commit the callous act, saying that days before the incident, her husband Abdulrahman was showing signs of depression and told her he would take his own life by drowning.

According to her, most of their neighbors and others linked her husband’s action to the abuse of hard drugs. She added that her husband used to take Arizona but it has been a very long time since he took in the substance.

“My husband’s name is Abdulrahman Odunare Olamilekan. We were also shocked to hear that he jumped into the lagoon. He has been speaking about it for some days but he was not monitored properly. If he was, the case would not be as bad as this,” she narrated.

“No one took him seriously. They all attributed what he was saying to the influence of Colorado (hard drugs), so they didn’t even evaluate what he was saying. He doesn’t take Colorado but he used to take Arizona but it’s been long he took Arizona,” she added.

The widow also lamented that she has not received any help from the family of her late husband, hence she is calling on benevolent Nigerians to aid her in taking care of their child, adding that her husband’s last wish was that their child never suffers.

”Since the incident, I have not seen anyone from my husband’s family apart from my family and I have no friends but whatever anyone has to give will go a long way. Before he died, he said I shouldn’t allow his daughter to suffer. I plead with all Nigerians, she noted.



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