You are an ungrateful hoodlum - Instagram on Fire as Tonto Dikeh and Bobrisky Fight Dirty [Video]

Popular Nigeria actress and philanthropist Tonto Dikeh has lost her cool with her former friend Bobrisky has unleashed her anger at him.

It appears Tonto Dikeh has lost her patience with the rantings and shades Bobrisky has been throwing at her indirectly for some time now on his page. The two who used to be very close friends have now turned into enemies.

In the late hours of yesterday, Tonto Dikeh shared a post that exposed celebrities who have been living fake lifestyles by borrowing money from banks to show off and take pictures of people’s cars and houses terming it as theirs and some netizens concluded that the sub was for Bobrisky.

Bobrisky in a stylish reply to that post shared a screenshot of a message he got from Tonto Dikeh in 2019 when they were still good friends appreciating him for all that he was doing for her and her family and showing her what friendship is. This post from Bobrisky has made Tonto Dikeh go gaga as she drags her former friend.

In a post sighted on her page, she disclosed how she tries not to talk about her former friends whenever they fall out of friendship because she hates drama. However, she needed to put crossdresser Bobrisky in his rightful place.

She wrote, “I respect friendship a lot so when it goes sour I walk away because whatever I say publicly will be believed cause I was the closest person to them..
I try as much as possible to ignore ex-friends but bob DO NOT PUSH ME TO THE WALL..

“You are the same little boy I will walk into a chemist to buy Cracked butt healing creme for your licking poss filled anus to heal. You don’t see me coming out to tell everyone that your Bentley belongs to @ktsele1…

Or that you almost killed your ex-friend’s son with jazz? Or the Rolex watch you parade as bae bought me is actually mine?
.Bob don’t let me become a pig like you again..
It hurts to lose me I know, just Move on.
You have begged everyone to beg me I have refused…
Everything you did, I did more for you!!! Btw you have my jewelry. Who gave me quick notice???
Pls, provide the papers..
I have you house gist fake ass fool, bring the receipt and I will bring the real owner of the house real now.. Is it how you said you are sleeping you half the industry? I just don’t want to call names so I don’t ruin homes..
Biggest gossip for Man like you.. You have over 6petitions for stealing from people, you are also a Thief.. If not for @ktsele1 by now you will be rotten in jail and you have no fear to insult him..
Because he stoop so low to relate with your thing.

You are an ungrateful hoodlum..
And I never regret anything in my life BUT I REGRET EVER KNOWING YOU.
You are disappointing as a human
Disgusting as a friend..
You are a pathetic liar and this is the last you will hear from me..
I made you who you are today so I wouldn’t be the one to bring you down. Those ones are in front.
I have saved you enough!!


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