Anita Joseph bows to pressure as She Finally deletes bedroom video with husband, MC Fish [Video]

 Popular Nigerian actress, Anita Joseph has bowed to pressure from Nigerians and deleted the offensive video she shared on her social media pages.

FL earlier reported that on Monday evening Anita Joseph shared a video of herself on the bed showing off her boobs with her husband fondling them. She then asked a question: “Who needs breast, hubby or baby”?

In the caption of the video, she warned fans to enter the pit if they are angry with the post.

“In case you’re angry about this post enter pit na oburo so’yi na apu Ala. Abeg na baby needs breast just saying respectfully”.

As expected, the video has elicited different reactions from both celebrities and fans.

Even controversial social media commentator and alleged Nollywood actor, Uche Maguagwu dragged the couple for the video.

Anita Joseph has been forced to delete it from her social media pages (Instagram and Tiktok).

After deleting it, she shared a video on her pages and captioned it, “Don’t ever fail oh Work hard inugooo”

In the video, Anita is seen encouraging her fans to work hard and not to fail.



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