No More Buying Of Power Bank, Charges Twice In A Week: Infinix Alleviate Electricity Problem From Phone Users, Launches HOT 12

For a completely unique experience, Infinix has announced the launch of a HOT 12 smartphone. The Infinix HOT 12 has a 6.82-inch 90Hz Pro-Level gaming screen and an Helio G85 processor. It comes with a 5000mAh battery for all-day gaming with an 18W fast charger and Dar-link game optimization engine for the HOT series, Infinix employed scientific and technological aesthetics to produce a powerful and elegant straight-edge smartphone.

Eric Zheng, Infinix Product Manager expressed: “We are continuously committed to designing intelligent smartphones with excellent performance and trendy aesthetics for young consumers, and we will constantly bring the latest, best, and most cost-effective products to users. The Infinix HOT 12 has achieved a breakthrough in improved performance, ultra-long endurance, and trendy aesthetics, which allows young people around the world to express themselves through their smartphones".

A Blazing-Fast Chipset

The Infinix HOT 12 comfortably supports greater frame rates to run demanding games, resulting in shorter response times and faster communication connections, thanks to the blazing fast MediaTek G85 gaming CPU. The G85 gaming chipset features a dual-core flagship CPU architecture with two fast ARM Cortex-A75 cores running at up to 2 GHz for performance and six tiny ARM Cortex-A55 cores running at up to 1.8 GHz for efficiency.

Heterogeneous multiprocessing support allows all eight cores to work together. These standout characteristics combine to make a terrific gaming smartphone, allowing the HOT 12 to run the most popular games in stunning detail for an immersive gaming experience.

Power All Day Long

5000mAh battery, rapid charging technology, and ultra power mode help the Infinix HOT 12 deliver constant performance and long battery life. Intense apps, games, and daily use can all be supported by the 5000mAh "Big Mac" battery. Instead of worrying about battery life, gamers can focus on their games.

The Infinix HOT 12's innovative battery-lasting technology adds 25% to battery longevity with just one click. It can extend battery life by 2.6 hours when only 5% of battery power is left.

Packed With Memory

The HOT 12's 128GB+6GB memory and RAM allow users to navigate between programs quickly and save all their favorite apps in one place. The game performance gives gamers an edge over older devices with low frame rates.

Infinix's RAM fusion technology enables HOT 12 phones to handle 5GB of expanded RAM and up to 11GB of combined RAM, boosting the number of background cached applications by three to nine and improving the average launch time of TOP20 programs by 10% to 50%. The additional RAM provides customers with the power they require for a superb smartphone experience in a wide range of usage circumstances.

Trendy Eye-catching Design

The Infinix HOT 12 has a stunning flat-edge premium smartphone design. The device is 3mm slimmer and has a straight-edge design. Unlike its angular exterior, the interior is a magnificent mirror of light and shadow. Racer Black, Legend White, and Origin Blue are some of the appealing colors.

The HOT 12's major feature is a 6.82" 90Hz refresh rate screen for silky-smooth esports viewing. 180Hz touch sampling provides near-instant visual feedback. The HOT 12's fast response rate is suitable for smartphone gaming and other demanding applications.

Rich Immersive Sound

The HOT 12 has been completely redesigned with two top and bottom speakers for a really immersive listening experience. High-quality audio will give you an edge over other players when listening to music, watching films online, or playing a fast-paced game with footfall.

Easy to use and has a wonderful camera. A 13-megapixel AI triple rear camera and an 8-megapixel AI front camera comes standard on the HOT 12. Its Smart Scene function redefines style with innovative design and creative chromatic aberration. A few apps help you live a smarter life. One of the built-in features, XArena, boosts gaming by centralizing game apps and enables game boosters to improve performance. Muting messages and phone calls allow players to focus on the work at hand. With Dar-game Link's optimization technology, it provides a gaming experience unmatched by other smartpfootfal