Nigerian Man and Oyinbo wife shatter Call-a-Ton Guinness World Record, speak on phone for 101 hours (Video)


In a remarkable display of love and determination, an interracial couple has made headlines by claiming the Guinness World Record for the longest phone call period.

Nigerian resident Cyprian and his partner Sarah, a white woman, captured the world’s attention after they spoke non-stop on the phone for over 101 hours.

The couple made the announcement through their popular TikTok page, where they shared video screengrabs from their monumental “call-a-thon” session.

The phone call marathon lasted precisely 101 hours, 15 minutes, and 40 seconds, equivalent to an astounding four days and five hours of continuous conversation.

While it remains unclear whether the couple’s intention was to specifically set a record, they undeniably reveled in the euphoria of their achievement.

Cyprian and Sarah expressed their conviction that long-distance relationships are not for the faint-hearted, highlighting the challenges they had overcome to maintain their bond.

According to Guinness World Records, the previous record for the longest telephone or video conversation by a team of two was held by two pairs of Latvians.

Kristaps Štãls and Patriks Zvaigzne, as well as Leonids Romanovs and Tatjana Fjodorova, engaged in a 54-hour and four-minute conversation, delving into subjects ranging from the power of the mind to social dynamics.

Cyprian and Sarah surpassed this record by a remarkable margin, solidifying their place in history.

The news of this extraordinary feat has spread rapidly across social media platforms, with people applauding the couple’s dedication and perseverance.

Many have commended them for their ability to maintain a deep connection despite the challenges posed by distance.

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