“Any Lady Who Ask For Money After Sex Is A Thief” – This Guy Says

A Facebook User, WFB Prince Abidogun has categorically stated that any Girl who asks for money after sex is a thief.

Any That Ask For Money After Sex Is A Thief.

I get annoyed anytime i see or hear of a lady fighting a guy cos they both had sex and cos he didnt pay, she start fighting with him.

Firstly do you know what sex is ?
(chiefly with reference to people) sexual activity, including specifically male and female having sexual intercourse.

Now tell me in that definition, is there a part that said one part (maybe male or female) is being used ? NO.
This is what the 2 parties enjoy cos normally and physically, we all need and must practise it, how can we both meet and you expect me to pay you ? Why ?.


Why cant the lady pay ? Didnt we both use our energy, we both enjoyed and loved it, so all we need to do is tell ourself THANKS.

Please ladies, always appreciate guys ni, you are both having sex for pleasure sake. So mind that.
I still heard some ladies use sex as a business, guys have sex with them and pay. Those guys are foolish tho. Why cant they pay ? They needed sex thats why they are always ready to offer it.

Finally, in a relationship, sex is important and shouldnt be a money making source for girls. We dating, if i want to give you money, i will give you, you should not tell me before we have sex i should pay you, if you need money, you should ask your parent.

Cleared, if you think otherwise drop your comment via the commentbox.

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