Dangote finally replies popular Ghanaian Instagram celebrity, Shatta Bundle

finally replies popular Ghanaian Instagram celebrity, Shatta Bundle

Africa’s richest man, businessman, investor, and owner of the Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote has finally responded popular Ghanaian Instagram celebrity Shatta Bandle,  who claims to be richer than him.


Shatta Bundle who was born in Karaga, a small town and capital of Karaga District, in the northern region of Ghana, is famous for making funny Instagram videos in which he flaunts Dollar notes and often claims to richer than Dangote and all the rich men in Nigeria.

“I can not compare myself to anyone in terms of wealth. If anyone claims that he is rich than me, I do not see any harm in that. I’m not competing with anyone,” Dangote said.

He also added that he’s a happy person and content with what he has. Saying that he has nothing to prove anyone. “I have my things and I’m happy with what I have. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I never looked at me. I have been recognized for the work I have done.”

76 thoughts on “Dangote finally replies popular Ghanaian Instagram celebrity, Shatta Bundle

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  2. Someone that has money doesn’t make noise. At least we see what Dangote is doing ie we know 60% source of his wealth and he employed thousands of workers he pays. Pls shatta bandle what is the source of your wealth? How many people are working for u that u pay? What are ur fame to claim?

  3. I think shatta Bandle as really tried I swear down for all he as done just for people to recognize him,I really appreciate that dwarf and Qudus to the man of all hard working people who are meeting there needs under You.. Am proud of you Dangote may your days be long in this earth amin…

  4. You all are bunch of Fools to have been so serious with Chatta’s words.
    This guy is more than a dwarf, most of his types are on the street Begging for petties.

    But chatta came up with such a very funny statement just to make us laugh and get recognition for himself, this guy never meant what he said he was just trying to be funny and get your attention for his comedy line.

    I feel so down how some grown ups get so serious about him, abuse him, and even course him.. mind you chatta has made millions of Naira from that shit he said. so go and face ur own husle too and be able to pay your bills.

    I support chatta. he made it. thank God he was able to make something out of the nobody whom he was.

    1. Yeah the guy has gotten his own way of making money,Bible say the gift if a man makes way for him,and it say it is the gift that will showcase him before Kings,I believe the dwaf has tried,the guy has nothing before,but now he has gotten something,baba no worry yourself na comedian,basket mouth too started somewhere,we all know how basket mouth started,we know how his look looks like then,but now,he is going abroad steady,guys discover your tallent and work towards it,NY own opinion anyway.

      1. You are funny are you now comparing basketmouth to this dwarf?. And did basketmouty startet his joke with insult or did he insult his elder?guy if you don’t know what to say go and sleep!! If that stupid dwarf insult your father the way he came out to talk rubbish about Dangote how will you feel as a human.and why didn’t he make that comedy with his fellow ghania or is there no one in Ghana that is a rich man.buonch of fools.

  5. I was highly disappointed on Dangote for response to that idiot. Dangote is popularly known
    across the global, one of the richest man across the global. I can not imagine what comparation between him and the king of dwarf.

  6. Man of wisdom don’t compare life with other ,let your hand work speak for you not to claim the richest man on Earth with fake money or something else called.

  7. It was unfortunate from this dwarf to make such unguided comment, he should desist from repeating unprofessional comment against the Noble and well recoglize man ‘Dangote’

  8. Silent is the best answer for a full so Mr Dangote so i did not see any mean of following that shot man that called him self Shatta bundle.

  9. I wish dangote will host d guy from gana just to make him happy, I thank God how HE created me, d guy is just making him self happy, and that is better, he is now a celebrety now.

  10. Good response from the man of interigte and wisdom never mind the jeaouls people…keep good work and more more money into you account. May Almight Allah continue to be with you sir.

  11. To those that are insulting the guy please pray to God to open your eyes so you can understand that the guy is marketing himself while you are there hungry & borrowing data before you comment

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