Kim Kardashian Rents Childhood Home For Kris Jenner’s 64th Birthday (Photos)

Rents Childhood Home For ’s 64th Birthday

Few people can top Kim Kardashian when it comes to planning a loved one’s birthday celebration.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star threw a surprise party for her mom Kris Jenner’s 64th birthday, renting out the family’s childhood home in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Kim, 39, revealed that she planned a special, intimate lunch

For her mom’s big day, the KKW Beauty mogul replicated the wallpaper and kitchen set that the family had while they lived in their childhood house. The table settings and decor were also the same fabric and print from when the famous family lived there.

In order to pull off the surprise, Kim revealed that she tricked the family and Kris’ closest friends into thinking they were going out for lunch at a different location, when she had actually rented their childhood home for the day.

In the videos Kim shared on her Instagram story, Kris got emotional and broke down in tears.

“I rented our childhood home,” Kim wrote. “All of our memories live here especially with our dad. It’s where each Kardashian child was born and made us who we are.”

“Today we celebrate my mom,” she continued. “Anyone that knows her, knows how sentimental she is. For her birthday I planned a small lunch, with just her kids and her closest friends of 40 + years.”

“I sent out invites with a location where we all met,” Kim explained. “When everyone arrived, I told them I had a surprise and this wasn’t where we would be eating. I then gave everyone the REAL invitation and once everyone saw the address for where we would be going tears filled the room.”


“We had lunch at the home as if it hadn’t changed and we cried the entire time,” Kim added.

But that wasn’t the only sentimental surprise.

“When we walked out to get our cars to drive there, I had another surprise,” Kim said. “I had rented every car my parents ever owned. I had some waiting outside so we could drive them to the house and the rest were lined up in the driveway of the house exactly how my parents used to have them parked.”

“I even remade the exact license plates,” she said. “(Yes my mom had a 2 DIE 4 license plate!) We drove to the home in these cars and relived our childhood!”

Kim concluded: “This was the best day ever. I am so proud I was able to keep such a meaningful surprise a secret from my mom and sisters for weeks! This was the most special, nostalgic day of my life and we felt my dad’s presence enjoying this day with us.”

Usually one to keep her cool, the reality TV star admitted to succumbing to her emotions in private.

“I kept it together and didn’t cry the entire lunch even though I cried during the entire planning process,” Kim said. “But at the end I went into my old bathroom, closed the door and cried so hard.”

Kris responded to her daughter’s post, thanking her for her thoughtfulness.

“I can’t stop crying this was the most magical day I can remember… Kim you are an angel to all of us … I can’t express what this meant to me and I will now have this beautiful day to add to a lifetime of the most fabulous memories. I couldn’t bear for it to end,” the “momager” wrote.

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