New photo shows how a couple and their guests observed social distancing at their wedding in Benue

New photo shows how a couple and their guests observed social distancing at their in

As Nigerians have been apprised to practice social distancing and indulge in personal hygiene against the spread of the novel Corona Virus, some citizens of the country seem to adhere to the stern warning… but!

But the show must go on… Nigerians are known for their traditional weekend-social-event-shenanigans —majorly weddings— and with the new directive by the government to not engage in social gatherings, some Nigerians are having a hard time adjusting.


Since the show must go on, they will however participate in social distancing in a social event than not have any event at all. Like in the case of this couple who allegedly held their wedding today in Benue.

The photo clearly shows a marriage ceremony going on as the bride is seen sitting in her wedding gown with a flower bouquet in her hands but worthy to note in the photo is how the guests distant themselves from each other as the event holds.

There’s been many cases of local authorities disrupting social gatherings as people have been warned not to engage in such but would there have been an exception for this event as it’s apparent that they were being cautious but had to have their wedding?

Benue state recorded its first case of the Coronavirus today, March 28th and so far, confirmed cases in the country nears the 100th mark as there’s been a total of 89 confirmed cases across the country as at the time of filing this report.

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