Popular Instagram Comedian, Lasisi Elenu Real Face Exposed.

If you’re a conversant Instagram user, then you certainly should’ve come across a funny IG trend “hello everyone, Lasisi is here and something just happened right now“, well, you then should know that the trend was set by user, Lasisi Elenu.23347767_362149187544730_6762133460149600256_n-1.jpg

You’re also aware that when making his skits, he uses the Snapchat filter that gives his face a different look and changes his voice, giving it a sort of comic effect.


Well, over time, since he came into prominence on IG, people have always wondered what his real face looks like – and now, we’ve finally gotten the chance to indirectly put a face to his name.


According to Lasisi, his real face has never earned him any money, so why show it off? Yeah well, it’s nice to know it’s not a robot that’s behind his hilarious skits… so… kudos to his works!


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