A Year after the Arrest of Ray Hushpuppi is Girlfriend “Amirah” Caught with Another Man [Photos]

A Year after the Arrest of Ray Hushpuppi is Girlfriend “Amirah” Caught with Another Man

Barely one year after Nigerian socialite and Instagram celebrity based in Dubai, Ray Hushpuppi was arrested by Interpol and extradited to the United States of America to face the law over alleged fraud, his alleged girlfriend Amirah Dyme has taken to social media to share a photo of a handsome man.

It was not clearly underlined that this man seen in the stories of Amirah Dyme’s is her new boo but we have the impression that Amirah who is very choosy in what she posts on social media will share the photo of this man believed to be American on her status.

The 26-year-old model posted a photo of the young man in black and white effect for her over 3.6 million followers and simply captioned in Arabic language ‘MASHALLAH’, which is a term used to express excitement or appreciation for something or someone.


She added the Instagram handle of the man and it was revealed that the man called Musa is a rapper and it is not surprising to see know that Amirah Dyme has a thing for celebrities or famous people.

FLvibe.com recalls that Amira Dyme’s post on social media after Hushpuppi’s arrested suggested that Hushpuppi was allegedly duping people to make his wealth.

In what appears as shades thrown at the Nigerian socialite, Amira Dyme, who was once spotted in viral photos posed by Hushpuppi’s purple Rolls Royce a few months ago made very damning remarks on her Snapchat.

Amirah Dyme wrote;

“Imagine telling someone they’re not good enough to come and sit with the “rich people” because of how they bought their clothes with their own money while u literally STOLE the money that you used to buy outfits with from the poor people. KARMA is a b*tch. Hope u like orange.”

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